Life Coaching at The Steel Rooms


12th May 2017 13:30 - 16:00

Life Coaching at The Steel Rooms

Level: Open to All

Tutor: Christine Tomlinson

Date + Time:  Friday 12 May 1.30pm – 4pm

Cost: Introductory rate £20. Book by 2 May and pay £15 (cost usually £35) or book all three sessions for £40

About the Sessions:

This series of workshops is designed to help you to take control of your life. It will offer you the chance to look at key areas where things can be out of harmony and identify ways to improve your situation.

Using Life Coaching tools, you will be guided to consider your current situation, identify your overall aim to improve things for the future, to consider what options you have available to move you towards your aim, and set some targets and goals to help you achieve your goal.

Working individually, and with the group, you will enjoy learning how to use some new skills and tools to help you to improve the way you live your life, find more fun and pleasure in every day, improve your life balance, and become more self-confident.

You’ll enjoy learning about mindfulness, meditation techniques and other tools to help reduce stress, along with hints and tips and exercises to help you live a more healthy and rewarding life.

You’ll have the opportunity to join the Aventurine Life Coaching Facebook group for ongoing information and support from other members of the group.

In addition, you will have the opportunity of enjoying a free 45 minute 1 to 1 Life Coaching Session with Christine, if you attend all 3 sessions of the Life Coaching Course.

About This Session – Happy Habits to Bring more Joy to Your Life

‘Do anything, but let it produce Joy’ – Walt Whitman

It’s never the wrong time to take stock and look at your life, and consider whether you really are in a good place, feeling healthy and happy – content – for the majority of the time.

Of course there will be times when we feel under the weather, or just ‘grumpy’ having got out of the bed the wrong side. But overall, are you content – do you feel like you are as healthy as you could be, living healthily and doing things that make you feel good.

This session will look at small daily habits you can choose to incorporate into your life to help you appreciate your life a little more, appreciate your health and identify simple ways to improve your wellbeing, and bring more joy and happiness into your life.

You may already feel that you live a healthy life, and have a good level of wellbeing, and that you are happy; this session will also look at ways that you can check in with yourself and find the extra things you can do to add that bit more quality to your life, and take this opportunity to share your ideas to help other people on the road to improving their situation too! There’s something for everyone.

The Rest of the Sessions:

Free Taster Session – Saturday 29 April 9.30am – 12.30pm

Putting Yourself Higher on your ‘To-Do’ list – Friday 2 June 1.30pm – 4pm

Confidence is Contagious … Catch it, Spread it! – Friday 16 June 1.30 – 4pm

About Christine:

Christine is an experienced trainer having gained the C&G Further and Adult Education Teacher’s Certificate in 1999, and subsequently worked in teaching and training for 15 years. Since taking the Open University Certificate in Performance Coaching, Christine is now keen to share her coaching experience with others, and has set up these creative and thought provoking sessions to help people to overcome any barriers they have in their lives, to move forward and experience the life they really desire and hope for.

To book a place on this or any of our other workshops, call in to our shop or telephone 01652 657256. Please note, to ensure your place is secured on any of our workshops, we ask that payment is made in full at the point of booking.

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