VIVICA ART GROUP exhibiting at The Steel Rooms top floor gallery 27 June – 1 August 2015

The Exhibition Opening is Saturday 27 June 2015 1 – 3pm. All welcome.

‘Hung, Drawn and Quartered’ is an exhibition of work from the Vivica group; representing their individual exploration of their theme of ‘The Four Humours’.

The Four Humours was the ancient Greek method of medication that focused on the balance of the bodily fluids; Black Bile, Yellow Bile, Blood and Phlegm. However, the philosophy goes far deeper than simple remedies – the humours are linked to our personalities, state of mind, the cycles of both nature and the seasons, and to the cosmic elements themselves.

It is the variety within this theme that has inspired, intrigued and challenged these artists. The culmination of their avenues of investigation can be seen in the diversity of the work on show in this exhibition. Here Vivica showcase their sculpture, painting, installation, photography and textile works; which are harmoniously brought together with the common theme.

The Vivica group is a collection of Lincolnshire artists who share a common interest across a diverse range of art disciplines. By working as a collective, while maintaining their individuality, they cross-pollinate both ideas and enthusiasm. Vivica intends to show that art has no boundaries, while sharing their work and enthusiasm with a wider audience.

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Date: 27 June 2015

Artist: Vivica Art Group