Brigg based Artist Pat Warrington exhibited her work in our Gallery between 2 December 2013 and 25 January 2014.

Inspired by the coast of the Pacific Northwest, in particular the abandoned and decaying docks of past thriving fishing communities.

As a younger woman it never entered my head that I would one day divide my time between homes in Brigg, North Lincolnshire and Alert Bay, British Columbia (BC). But there it is.

I studied in Doncaster from 1975 to 1978 and had much success as a fibre artist with exhibitions at the Feren’s Gallery Hull, Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery, various galleries in Lincoln, Peterborough Art Gallery and one man exhibitions at Scunthorpe Museum and Art Gallery. I also received a grant from Humberside Arts for experimental work and was sponsored by Texere Yarns, Bradford.

In recent years I have exhibited successfully at galleries on Vancouver Island, BC and also developed in to painting.

Both Brigg and Alert Bay have a charm but it is the serenity of the islands on the east coast of Vancouver Island that initiated my move from fibre art to painting. The beauty is absolute, the light a pale ethereal blue and the peace sublime. As an art teacher at a thriving North Lincolnshire secondary school, where life is full of noise and demands, the contrast could not be more marked. Life is simple there, values are ‘old school’ – the island is on the very edge of the wilderness and values alter, priorities change.

The paintings have been honed down to the simplest forms – striations of misty greens, browns and blues to describe beach, forest, sea and sky and the remaining piles which are all that remain of the old docks, piers and landing stages stand out in contrasting, stronger browns.

I have found that by condensing the emotional quality of the coast into small paintings, and surrounding them with a white frame the integrity of the area is revealed. This is in total contrast with my past work where 9 foot wall hangings were usual. Through perseverance I have managed to pull out the essence of the landscape but it took over two years of constant practice to achieve it.

My question now is ‘where do I go form here?’ And I continue to work, over painting and mixing colour until the right image is produced.

Date: 2nd December 2013

Artist: Pat Warrington