‘New Horizons’ by Tim Househam ran from 1 February to Saturday 29 March 2014.

‘NEW HORIZONS’ by Tim Househam

Hello my name is Tim Househam . I am a Lincolnshire based abstract/contemporary artist. Firstly may I say thank you for taking time to read my bio and for coming to my first art exhibition here at The Steel Rooms.

This journey started for me in July 2012, I was recovering from surgery and that meant having substantial time off work, I have a very good friend who has become somewhat of a guru to me, who, whilst I was in recovery bought me some paintbrushes. I then purchased some oil paints and a couple of small canvases, and they sat there for weeks. I remember the day vividly, it was a beautiful July morning the sun was shining it was lovely and warm and that was the day I started to paint. The whole ambience, feel, passion and energy I felt when I was painting was so hypnotic, when I completed one I had to do another .

My initial artwork was made up of different ideas I did collages, imagery from music and films, which is also something I am fanatical about, with big bold spectrums of colours, which is a running theme in my work. I never thought say 2 years ago all this would happen, if you had said to me in less than 2 years you will be premiering your first art exhibition I would’ve laughed in your face, but I’ve always been striving to find an outlet to channel my creative energy, just never thought it would be painting. I was considering going to a music recording school because of my love for music and searching for that spark, but thankfully that didn’t happen and my artwork was born.

I’m very prolific now I use mediums mainly acrylic paints, acrylic and gloss finish aerosols, to encapsulate what is going through my mind I wake up some days and I have to paint! It’s my therapy it’s very obvious how I feel emotionally, mentally when I finish some work its there on the canvas and I genuinely feel that and understand it, it’s cathartic and wonderful. My influences are Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter and John Squire I paint to music always, I love all types of music and it influences my painting. I have a brief idea of colours and then I’m off the lead see where it takes me, I try and attempt to involve the environment in my work also, well more seasonal, my work is bright and colourful always but I tend to use lighter colours in the summer months and more heavier deeper colours come the autumn and winter.

I really hope I capture my love of bright colours, I’ve always been fascinated by colours and there meaning, symbolism and emotions we all feel when looking at colour what draws people to certain colours and some to others and therefore that is why I use so many different colours, shades and mediums in my work. I truly hope I’ve snared the energy, passion and imagination I feel when I paint it takes me away on a journey. I then hope you will enjoy coming on this journey into colour with me and enjoy new horizons!

The title is very apt for me, and about believing in yourself and dreams can be achieved because I feel in someway this is my destiny calling I am very confident and comfortable in this medium, I don’t feel out of depth I love it… I’d like to dedicate this show too my two beautiful daughters Grace and Eva who inspire me everyday thank you and enjoy the show….

Date: 1st February 2014

Artist: Tim Househam