Diversity Exhibition at The Steel Rooms

‘Diversity’ exhibition by Lincolnshire 6 opens this Saturday in our top floor gallery.

Meet the artists 12 – 3pm Saturday 25 February where all are warmly welcomed.

We are a group of 6 artists who met at Grimsby University while studying for a BA Fine Art Degree. Sharing studio spaces and collaborating over a period of 4-6 years inspired us to form the group Lincolnshire 6. Having shared a studio space has allowed us to take advantage of each other’s creativity and to expand the way we think and produce work. This has pushed and challenged us to think differently. It also allowed us to take chances, be brave and to step out of our comfort zones and make us better artists. As exploring artists we each have our own individual styles and varied use of media which collectively form varying structures depicted through our own interpretations which have developed through critical enquiry, negotiations and reflection, leading to our own developments in professional practice. Our work as a group initially explored personnel experiences which soon developed into broader issues and covers a wider spectrum that others could relate to, explore and voice opinions.

Date: 25th February 2017

Artist: Rob Blackmore, Wendy Rolandson