Leszek Dabrowski was born in Sandomierz, Poland and was brought up in Liverpool.  He gained a degree in Fine Arts (Painting) and during his post-graduate year travelled to Holland, Germany, Czechoslovakiaand Poland searching for inspiration and finding rich visual stimulus.  Since then Leszek has made many journeys across Europe, visited North Africa, the USA and Canada.  His photographs, drawings and paintings recall glimpses of some of the things he found fascinating.

An African in Warsaw

During the past eight years Leszek has frequently visited Southern Andalucia.  His fascination with the landscape, history and character of the area around Vejer de la Frontera has provided him with a rich subject matter which continues to nourish his imagination and poetic language.

Throughout his life Leszek has exhibited mostly in London and Lincolnshire as well as in his native Poland.  His work is in many private collections in Great Britain and abroad, in various film companies and the BBC.  This year there is to be a retrospective exhibition of his work in Lincolnshire.

Leszek lives and works in Boston, Lincolnshire

Wendy M Jones Dabrowska was born in Harrow, London.  At the age of 16 she was enrolled at St Martin’s School of Art, London.  Following this she worked for Country Life magazine based in Covent Garden.

To further her art qualifications she moved to Liverpool which is where she met Leszek.  Together they moved back to London for eight years before finally settling in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Wendy has taught painting, printmaking and History of Art in numerous schools, at Blackfiars Arts Center and at Fydell House.  Her main career was based at Boston College (an associate of DeMontfort University) where she taught students to degree level.

She has exhibited mostly in Boston and London.  When not painting Wendy enjoys reading, the cinema and creative writing.

Artists: Leszek Dabrowski & Wendy M Jones Dabrowska