Art Gallery at The Steel Rooms

Landscape: Shrivelights & Shreeps

An exhibition of prints which celebrates the nature of darkness and light in landscape.

shrivelights splinters of light Gerard Manley Hopkins) poetic

shreep of mist: to clear away partially East Anglia

Robert MacFarlane, Landmarks, 2015

Melvyn Petterson was born in Cleethorpes and studied at Grimsby School of Art and Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts.

His works have been widely exhibited in the UK and abroad, and he has many works in public and private collections, including the British Museum.  He is a full member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, and has had several books published, the most recent being The Instant Printmaker by Collins & Brown.

My landscapes often centre around the drama played out in nature; a dark cloud threatens, a sudden burst of sunlight, a moody sky against snow-covered fields. These are the times when nature displays her more provocative side – probably just for a few seconds  –  often fleeting moments, which I have tried to capture in my images.

The Ropewalk Printmakers is an informal collective of printmakers from both sides of the River Humber. Exhibiting as part of Landscape: Shrivelights & Shreeps are: Janet Cox, Sinclair Ashman, Carol Emsley, Susan Hoare, Jennifer Colley, Gordon Williams, Margaret Taylor, Janet Parker and Deborah Grice.

The shown work embodies a strong atmospheric narrative showing landscapes and places and which uses techniques that work with their themes: mezzotint, aquatint, etching, collagraph and drypoint – delicate line, form, colour and a rich tonal range. Each piece is made by hand by using a printing press and careful inking processes.

Dates: 11 November – 3 February

Artists: Melvyn Petterson and The Ropewalk Printmakers