Keith Marsh exhibited from 5 April up to and including Saturday 31 May.

Having been given some paints and an easel for a birthday present some four years ago, this rekindled an interest in art and painting in particular my favourite medium being oils. This produced a developing interest in all sorts of impressionism, semi abstract and abstract art. Thus, all my artwork now tends to be a free stylized interpretation of what I see or visualize in an image or a view. Some current works are losing some, or all, of their reference to the source material. I like to think I am communicating something special or emotive through my pictures. These paintings hopefully have a more direct link to the creative side of the brain – making them more interesting to the viewer.

This exhibition has a varied and eclectic mix of subjects – the main theme being landscapes predominantly in oils.

I never thought that I could ever have this sort of exhibition, and I would advise anyone who has inkling to paint, draw or sculpt to do it; the pleasure I get from seeing a picture develop from a blank canvas is the reward in my case.

Keith Marsh

Date: 5 April 2014

Artist: Keith Marsh