Time, Tide and Beyond’

3 August – 29 September 2013

East Coast 7 comprises of seven local based Artists:

Julie Gough, Sculpture

In this body of work I have gathered together and displayed a variety of objects. Some have stories attached to them and all were sourced within the Lincolnshire area. Some of the objects have an archeologically resonance, while others might well have been part of collections made by travellers in the past. Mysteriously however, in each case, the objects contain elements that cannot be recognized as being linked to any known ethnic group. All are clearly man made and some could be supposed to have a ritualistic significance.

Susan Hoare, Print

I use experimental printmaking techniques to evoke memories of time and place through fleeting images, found objects, mementoes and those inconsequential marks that often go unnoticed as we go about our everyday lives. It is about taking time to pause, reflect and look at the overlooked as I combine the ambiguities of the organic and abstract world. I explore these areas by scratching deeper below the surface to reveal the intriguing and fascinating layers that lie beneath.

Pippa Llewellyn, Painting

My paintings are mostly propositions and explorations in landscape but are not so much bounded by the constraint of description or pertaining to particular loci, but are lineaments, features, in an undiscovered country, where those forces, elements and characteristics of land, sea and sky reside.

Heather Pickwell, Rope Sculpture

My subject is growth, the imperceptible growth of cells, of plants; the incremental growth observed in shells and coral and the explosive growth of mutating organisms. I take my inspiration from close observation of the coastline of Lincolnshire. Rope is the perfect material for these semi bio-morphic forms with its maritime connection and sinuous quality.

Tina Waller, Photography

The coastline is for me a source of constant inspiration, evoking a sense of belonging and thought provoking contemplation. As an artist I seek out the nuances of the seaside and with my camera I capture moments that reflect the essential qualities that make the seascape so enticing.

Jackie Welton, Mixed Media

I see nature and landscapes as multi layered visions of texture and colour, which I want to interpret and represent using a diverse range of media and applications. Through experimentation and manipulation, involving tearing, overlapping, reassembling and distressing layers of different media, I have developed intricate, multifaceted surfaces with a broad field of expressive detail. These form the foundation on which I can interweave form and colour using a variety of media, including paint, pastel, inks, collage and print.

I aim to interpret but not copy the images in order to deliver visual impact for the viewer to respond to in a personal way.

Sally Yarrington

My work explores places and situations where I sense a tension, an undercurrent of energy, whose presence eclipses my own. The hidden depth below the ominous swell of the sea, the layering of trees and growth extend the forest boundary beyond my vision, offering potential for the unknown.

Date: 3rd August 2013

Artist: East Coast 7 comprises of seven local based Artist