Dom Heffer Exhibition at The Steel Rooms

The exhibition title is a pun on the idea of ‘exploring the motif’, a trope within art which encourages the analysis of focal objects or themes that emerge in the artists’ practice. In this exhibition motifs are playfully engaged with, forms crack and shatter, pipes burst out of canvases and machines of dubious purpose explode. These treatments of motif point towards a restlessness within the images, and a tension between the static and dynamic, creating the sense that we are peering into scenes submerged in the process of being ‘worked out’.

Spaces within the large scale canvases are often interjected by glossy pathways and platforms that serve to break up any ‘narrative’ and refer back to the immediacy and diversions of the painterly act. Seemingly hap-hazard drips dribble into delicately painted scenes, cartoon style planks are used as barriers to the image and areas of collage interrupt the surfaces of these vibrant canvases.

The colourful installation pieces that hang throughout the gallery, show a logical progression from the obsessive depiction of such motifs in two dimensions, and serve to ‘cartoonify’ the gallery space.

Dom lives and works in Hull where he has a studio with Kingston Art Group. He was shortlisted for the Woolgather Art Prize in 2012 some of the Galleries and organisations that he has worked with include the Media Ecology Association, Michigan, the Institute of General Semantics in New York, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre. He was recently awarded an arts council research and development grant to develop a body of work from which the current show is a further evolution.

More information on his work can be found at:

The exhibition is open from 10-5pm Monday to Saturday from Saturday 11th April until Saturday 9th May.

Date: 11th April 2015

Artist: Don Heffer