Dale Mackie is exhibiting in our top floor gallery with  his exhibition ‘Steel Land Sea’ from Saturday 14 May through to Saturday 25 June.

Well known local artist Dale Mackie brings together drawings & paintings of Lincolnshire’s three major industries that are now struggling to survive. Dale has been producing works of art for over 25 years mostly of his home town of Grimsby, Dales work of contemporary images of iconic scenes often showing the toughness and hardness demanded by the industry and the men and women themselves, his work including commissions has sold nationally & internationally.

Lincolnshire’s population at one time depended on producing steel, working on the land or trawling on the high sea’s. The steelworks are only just surviving and there are now only a handful of trawlers that sail from the port of Grimsby where once hundreds sailed and the rich Lincolnshire land is slowly being taken over by green energy farms.

This exhibition of charcoal drawings and vivid paintings will depict the industries at the height of their production, new industries have taken over to fill the gaps lets hope they get filled.

Date: 14th May 2016

Artist: Dale Mackie