Christopher Goods Exhibition ‘A Journey Beginning From The Streets’  will run in our top floor gallery from Saturday 20 August up to and including Saturday 24 September

Meet Christopher at ‘Meet The Artist Evening’ on Friday 2 September 6.30pm – 8.30pm. All warmly welcome. 

Christopher Good  – Drawer / painter …

Artist Workshop

After originally spending a decade in London in the 1990’s working in top end restaurants as a waiter and front of house manager. Christophers life slowly completely changed from around the year 2000 when moving to live in East Anglia Suffolk. The natural landscape  around me and pace of life was just what I needed at the time and soon after moving he found himself  starting to draw again after many  years. Previously having spent three years at Art school completing a  foundation year and then studying graphic design in the early 1980’s. All these years later it was as if life had gone full circle for him but this time he found himself having a real bite for wanting to draw from life. Drawing started out as a sort of therapy for him and soon turned into a passion.

A chance visit to Germany proved another Catalyst where he lost any inhibitions to work in the streets with charcoal and pencil  capturing all that was around him. Over the next few years he returned again and again to these streets immersing himself in his studies and development. In 2003 /4 – two small exhibitions followed and subsequent sales and commissions enabled him to travel to France and Italy to draw and study.

In 2005 he found himself spending three weeks in Venice drawing his heart out – which to this day remains an amazing adventure and memory.

In 2008  he found himself naturally settling permanently in Woodbridge Suffolk where he has spent the last eight years painting in oils. Slowly  but surely discovering and exploring a more contemporary way of painting – where colour and texture is more important than true representation. This exhibition at the Steel Rooms represents a wonderful opportunity and space to frame a series of old drawings together with showing paintings that act like a diary in time to his own personal journey as an artist over the last 14 years.

Recent exhibitions : Art For Cure exhibition : Glemham Hall Suffolk April 2016

The Steel Rooms Aug/Sept 2016 : With charcoal and pencil on the street.

Join Christopher on his workshop at The Steel Rooms, visit our workshop section for more details. 

Date: 20th August 2017

Artist: Christopher Good