Biddy Hodgkinson

Brought up in the 1960’s on a farm in North Lincolnshire, Biddy was constantly observing life and death cycles.  After being educated in north Yorkshire & Oxford; she then worked on an ocean liner and a range of other jobs which allowed her to travel extensively, settling for a while to have a family back in Lincolnshire, where as a consequence of a spinal injury she became deeply interested in Eastern medicine and philosophy, this led her to qualifying as a yoga teacher.  In mid-life Biddy attended Stamford College for foundation course where she developed her true love of colour, drawing, photography and painting, which lead her to Chelsea College of Art where she has graduated in Fine Art (BA Hons).. in 2011.

The Work

The inspiration for the paintings comes from close observations of life cycles with particular focus on flowers, plants and moulds.  The artist’s fascination is in the endless metamorphic process. The beauty and luminosity exists in the decay, not just the ripeness of youth.  Whilst colour’s can be vivid they are offset against their own inevitable deterioration and loss. Through painterly techniques, Biddy interprets the violent intensity and beautiful imagery we see in natural decay and mould by using harmful agents, such as acids, to erase and bleach away large swathes of colour’s, showing them in the context of their own negation as it would be in nature. She creates intriguing sculptural surfaces on the canvas. As Wallace Stevens wrote , “death is the mother of beauty”.

Previous work has focussed on “Old Wives Tales”, the influence of the matriarch, and interpretation of religion on Western culture.  A fascination for mythology, superstitions and the contrast of scientific proof still underpins the work and has led to her deeper interest in alchemy.

Biddy’s work was selected by Clyde & Co., where it on show in their new prestigious offices in Bishopsgate as part of their program to support emerging artists.

Commisions :  Chesterton Humberts, Taylor Wimpey, Connections, Works In Print London

Bradleys Restaurant, Hampstead, London

Galleries : Debut Contemporary, Notting Hill, London 2011-2012

Cork Street Gallery – “Modern Painters”  2012

Jane Galvin

Born: 28 0ctober 1949 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

Qualified as Primary School Teacher in Art and Music from Sunderland College of Education.

Jane’s involvement with the Arts has been constant and at various levels over the years. She studied with Michael James of the USA and Pauline Burbidge of the UK, both renowned textile artists. Jane has also attended workshops with water colourist, Paul Talbot-Greaves and have studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, over the last couple of years at different times.

Her career in teaching, which ended in 2009 after many years, involved the development of basic skills and techniques in drawing and painting for children. She created a scheme of work for non-specialist teachers to use in the classroom, enabling them to continue that development throughout the school from Years 3 through to 6.

Extending her influence further, she delivers presentations, demonstrations and workshops to a wider audience including Art Societies, throughout the region.

Jane is an invited exhibitor at Holmfirth Artweek and also at Bury Art Festival.

Her work has been exhibited in the Millyard Gallery, Uppermill; Art of Gold, Horsforth; Bingley Art Gallery and Art in the Mill, Knaresborough.

Commissions have been undertaken and completed in both textiles and painting.

There have been exhibitions throughout the UK and Ireland Jane has work in private collections both here and abroad, in France, Switzerland, Singapore and the USA.

Artist Statement

Jane’s work is about colour and the application of it on to paper or canvas.

In her flower pieces, she is trying to encourage the viewer to really take notice of the flower that perhaps normally they take for granted and to be made aware of the mysteries to be found therein.

In her abstract work, she likes to draw the viewer into the small but highly coloured spaces that are within the 4inch square format. The closer you get – the more you see….

As well as painting, Jane has also worked on a series of mythological drawings in pen and ink, allowing her to submit to her passion for pattern and decoration in a more detailed  and complex way. These drawings have been gathered together and bound, to create ‘The Yellow Book’ (a homage to the wonderful Aubrey Beardsley).

Date: May 2013

Artist: Biddy Hodgkinson & Jane Galvin