I think the great thing about The Steel Rooms is we always have different things you can eat depending on your mood. I love walking in every day, checking out the specials board and seeing what I can nibble on.

Whether you’re vegetarian, gluten intolerant, dairy intolerant or a full blown carnivore there’s always something that caters to you on our menu. What I really like is there’s always something for people with gluten intolerance. There have been so many occasions where I’m left feeling slightly disheartened because there was only one thing on the menu I could eat. Our chefs; Evie and Anna make sure there are lots of options so you’re spoilt for choice which is definitely welcomed.

One of the big sellers is our gluten free quiche from Lizi Bakes. Always vegetarian, these quiches have pastry that just melts away and a gooey center that you keep going back for. Really delicious and I would definitely recommend these, whether you’re gluten intolerant or not.


If you’re into healthy eating then look no further than one of our salads. Now we’re getting into the warmer months there is usually a salad on offer on our specials board. Super healthy and will definitely keep you satisfied all day long. Plus, with all that salad action it would be rude not to have a cake for dessert.

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Next up we have my personal favourite; our soups. Evie has a pure talent when it comes to soups. The flavours she can create from a few ingredients is astounding and I adore every single one she creates from her thai coconut and sweet potato soup, to her cauliflower cider soup, to her mushroom and wild rice soup. There will always be a new and creative soup for you to chow down on. Yes, I’m aware we’re moving into Summer so technically we should be moving away from soups but, when they’re this good it’s hard to let go. For me, it’s soup all year round.


Then you have your massive big breakfast. This sorts out the men from the boys and I’m always beyond impressed when someone finishes the lot. There are some very hungry tummies around. Remember we’re also able to do it gluten free or vegetarian for you so don’t feel left out. If you’re craving a bit of a hash brown you can go all out.

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Then there’s the usual regulars which are our paninis and jacket potatoes which come with so many topping and fillings that it can be quite daunting what to pick. Personally I don’t think you can go wrong with selecting anything. All are super delicious and everything can be modified to suit you particular flavour needs. We’ve made sure that again we’re catering for you so if you’re gluten intolerant we have gluten free bread on offer and all our fillings are gluten free. Then if you’re vegetarian we have so many options you’ll be spoilt for choice. Sadly we don’t regularly do chips, so when we do make sure you’re one of the early birds ready to order before they sell out.

Lots of delicious things for you to try and our clean plates speak for themselves.

Olivia x