Welcome to the beginning of May. Horray and well done for getting here. There’s something I love so much about May; mainly because I know we’re closer and closer to achieving that Summer sun which I know takes a while for England to get. This means one thing, lazy days, sitting in the sunshine with a good book and an iced drink in your hand.


Speaking of these colder drinks it’s time to introduce you to all the special drinks we now have on offer for the Summer. Seasonal drinks are always an exciting thing to create because you know that you can discover some real gems and perhaps even drinks that are so popular they become permanent features.

First up is this iced coffee. Iced coffees are always my favourite drink to have throughout a day because it gives you the refreshment that you need and still that caffeine hit that I most certainly crave during the day. I think it also doesn’t feel as filling as a warm coffee does. Strange but true. There are a lot of options for these too so if you want a syrup shot, go ahead; if you’re lactose intolerant we can make it using soya milk (a personal favourite), or if you’re wanting less of a caffeine hit we can also do it using decaff. The perfect Summer cool down drink.


If you’re not so much of a coffee fan we also have more of grown up beverage in the form of our raspberry and red wine slushy. This is divine and I’m fairly certain has more healthy benefits than eating an entire bowl of fruit. All the goodness of raspberries all whizzed up with some ice and red wine. What could be better? This is my personal favourite.


Just in case you’re after a bit more here is our last Summer drink. Most people when asked what their typical Summer time alcoholic drink of choice would be you always get the same answer; pimms. So we came up with the idea of mixing this with tea to create all the nostalgia of Pimms with the hit of tea and Summer fruits. Now, you may be like me and not the hugest fan of iced tea but I still urge you to give this a go because I’d say even the most dubious of people would be converted like I was! Really delicious.

So pop into the cafe to give our Summer drinks a try. Personally I would begin the day with an iced coffee, perk myself up throughout the day with a raspberry and red wine slushy and finish it off in style with the Pimms iced tea. Make sure you check back on Wednesday for a closer look at our non- alcoholic mocktails. They will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Olivia x