Yes, I’m sure by now you’re fully aware of all the delicious food and cakes, along with the fantastic products we have in the shop, the rather time saving framing service and the brilliant exhibitions we have going on in our gallery. But, were you aware of all the workshops we do here? I didn’t think so. Never fear today I am here to enlighten you on all things workshop and hopefully you’ll be interested and give something a go. Remember to check out our website so you can check out all the latest workshops.

First up I’ll talk about our regular workshops which happen throughout the months. For the stressed out adults that just want a moment of calm we have The Sound Bath which is taken by Keith Duke. He brings along a variety of musical instruments which I’m not too sure how he manages to fit inside his car. He plays each of these instruments perfectly to take you to another place. Everyone has great things to say about this and you’re guaranteed a decent night’s sleep.

When does it run? The first Wednesday of every month from 6pm-7pm.

Cost? £5. A bargain for a little piece of zen.


Art Club is a brilliant workshop if you have some creative children or wannabe Picasso’s. This workshop covers so many topics and the children are constantly going home with amazing bits and pieces they’ve created and I must say, I do love seeing them every week. A brilliant workshop if you’re looking for something in the afternoon for your children over the Summer holidays.

When does it run? Every Tuesday from 4.30pm-6.30pm.

Cost? £3 per session.


Polly’s Singing & Action Rhyme Time is for the littlest of Steel Rooms customers, 0-4 years to be exact. Polly, and her instruments, bring a certain magic to this session and the children’s eyes light up whenever they see her. These are brilliant workshops to really help your child with music, actions and interaction with the other children. Plus, I think the parents really appreciate a bit of a gossip and a catch-up with fellow nappy changers.

When does it run? Every Friday from 10am-11am.

Cost? Free of charge.

Craft and Chat informal group is a workshop we all wish we were part of. What could be more fun than doing a bit of something creative all whilst finding out the latest gossip with a brew and a cake. This is a great workshop when it comes to learning tips and tricks from other people and sharing new skills.

When does it run? Every third (ish) Tuesday of the month from 10am-12pm.

Cost? £5 and this includes your drink and cake. What a steal!

phot hub 2

Our newest regular workshop is the PhotoHub. This is a chance for photographers to meet, discuss and share their work with one another. It’s a brilliant opportunity to gain some insight and learn a little more. The hope is that this will lead to us exhibiting some of your work in our shop and cafe. All very exciting. If you feel like you want more knowledge of your camera there are photography workshops but I’ll let you know more about these soon.

When does it run? The first Saturday of every month 1pm-3pm.

Cost? £10 a session or £12 for guests.

Remember to check our website so you can find out the latest workshops and when they’re running. The Sound Bath just so happens to be on tonight so make sure you grab your comfies and head down here so you can have a moment of relaxation and peace.