I’m sure you’re all fully aware the The Great British Bake Off started this week. It’s all anyone can talk about! So, I thought it was time I satisfied your sweet tooth yet again and let you have a sneaky look at some of our delicious cakes we have on offer, all day every day. Our cakes are home baked and it’s safe to say all equally delicious.

FullSizeRender (78)

Evie has proved herself to be our star baker and her carrot cake in particular has had rave reviews… It’s been a little bit of a journey getting to this point though!

Here’s another shot because I know you can’t resist having another look. Just check out that cream cheese frosting…

FullSizeRender (84)

We cater to all your needs; whether you’re in a tropical mood, coffee mood, chocolate mood or even the classic victoria sponge mood. Let’s face it, if in doubt always go for the Victoria.

Everyone seems to have caught the baking bug and it’s definitely been a joint effort when you check out our cake counter. Everyone is always trying out new recipes too so if you’re after something in particular then ask at the counter and we’ll see if we can try it out next time. When it comes to cakes, everything’s worth a go!

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I hope these pictures haven’t made you drool too much and hopefully this will make you eager to get into your kitchen and bake something up… Or, if you’re not the finest of bakers, pop into The Steel Rooms and grab a slice. You can always pretend you’re Mary Berry! We won’t tell!