Sundays have long been the day you can kick back with family and friends and relax after the working week, and it is with this in mind that The Steel Rooms have been out shopping for board games and have decided to open on Sundays from 10am to 4pm!

Board games are a fun and classic way to enjoy time with those closest to you, and a little competition never hurt anyone now, did it?!  So put down those electronic devices for an afternoon and come and join in the fun!  We bet you’ll meet some other game enthusiasts and perhaps you’ll start a record-breaking, marathon game that you can’t wait to return to each week!

And just to make it that little bit more enticing, we may just decide to keep a little leader board…..oooooooh!

So, let the games commence!  We predict it’ll be The Steel Rooms, in the kitchen, with the cake slice…sorry, but who can resist a good Cluedo reference…