Happy hump day one and all, not long to go until the weekend! Although the buzz of Easter weekend has been and gone I still think there’s always a moment to have that sweet treat that I know you’re craving. Why deny yourselves? The bikini body can wait that little longer.

Today I thought I would give you a little bit of what you fancy and show you all the cakes we’re offering this week. You can look all you want at those scrummy cakes without feeling a hint of guilt. Perfect. Though, I think it would definitely help if you popped in and grabbed a slice.

Lemon Love

Lemon Love


Blackcurrant and Lemon Curd Shortbread

Debi is the ultimate master baker and she’s constantly creating new and inventive cake recipes. You may say she’s our own personal Nigella. This week is no different from any other and we have so many cakes and tray bakes on offer; whether you’re in a fruity or a decadent chocolatey mood.

There are also some gluten free goodies on offer, made by myself of course. I’ve been living gluten free for around 5 years now and I would definitely say there’s no difference to “normal” cakes. I think there’s a lot of stigma when it comes to gluten free and people think it won’t be for them because if it doesn’t have gluten it won’t taste so great, but trust me, it can be just as delicious as anything else. Pop in and give it a go because I know you’ll feel differently towards gluten free once you try.

Salted Caramel Brownies

Lizi Bakes Lemon Drizzle


I would post a recipe and tell you all my trade secrets but I’m not quite sure I’m ready to divulge just yet.

I hope you’re all ready for a week of fun and frolicks. Remember to check onto the blog every week for lots of posts coming up all about the cafe, workshops and all the stock in the shop.

Olivia x