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Another weekend post for you today. I thought I would talk about some of the new things in our shop, in particular the things in our window display that really catches your eye. I cannot help myself and I’m sorry if I enable any sort of spendy feeling.

I think when it comes to displaying products no one can beat our very own Marianna. She seems to see a mountain of products and can make it look like something out of a swanky catalogue. This I think is a talent which is never fully appreciated until you try to do a window display yourself. Trust me, I’m some of us are not quite graced with this ability.

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Needless to say I love it when The Steel Rooms gets a new delivery in. There’s nothing quite as exciting as ripping open a box and unveiling loads of pretty things. At the beginning of June we had a fairly mammoth order and it had some of the most exciting things inside; most of which are now in our window display. So without further ado here are some of the gorgeous things and as you can see they’re all pretty drool worthy.


I think it’s the glasses for me which are the real winners. It just makes me instantly think of all the cocktails I can create which would look so pretty in these. I couldn’t resist the flower glasses. Just the right amount of kitsch about them and I’ll be honest, to the question you’re all wondering, they hold a good amount of wine too! Perfect. Though if you’re fancying something a little more sturdy then the bright blue tumblers are brilliant.

Another point to add if you’re planning a Wedding or looking for Wedding gifts and missing some of the key components then I think you’ll find some brilliant items here. From the adorable paper bunting below or the crate of milk bottles. Ideal for a cocktail or even a milkshake!

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So if you’re looking for inspired gifts or something to brighten your home then pop in and have a browse. There is so much on offer that there will be something you’ll fall in love with and will make a great addition to your home.