It’s the first day of the month and it’s recently been pay day… so, what does this mean? Oh yes, today is the day I start to scratch your spending itch and show you some of the new bits we have in the shop. I’ve said so many times before how I love it whenever we get new stock in the shop and when you see what I have to show you you’ll see why.

Candles! So many candles. These are without a doubt my favourite thing to indulge in. They can completely lift and change my mood. There’s nothing nicer than a room filled with the scent from a candle. Plus, they also make perfect gifts because, as if I’m not getting this point through enough, who doesn’t love a good candle?

The newest additions will cater to just about everyone. So many varieties of scents so you’ll find your favourite, and they come encased in brilliant tins or pots which you can keep afterwards. Always a winner for me. The different scents we have on offer are what I love most of all. I tend to be quite picky with what scents I like but with these I actually like them all which is a rarity for me. I would urge you all to pop in and have a whiff because they’ll definitely take you to your happy place. I’ve bought the sea salt tinned candle and the rather adorable mint green small pot candle. Couldn’t resist.

Next up is something for the males in your life. I think most of the time it’s all too easy to buy for women and then when it comes to men we’re pretty much stumped. However, you’re difficult present decision times are now over. We have a brilliant range of cufflinks. Whatever you may be into, whether it’s for the eager biker, DIY enthusiast or car tinkerer we have a cufflink that you can whip out at any occasions.

… Told you we have a lot to choose from. I definitely think these mechanical ones are ones to check out. Something a little bit different and a real talking point. I think everyone has the right to accessorise and men always seem to be neglected in this. Well, not anymore!

Finally are all these page turners. These are brilliant presents and I have bought a few myself for friends and family. All are so beautifully put together and the content inside is just as good as the pictures. We also have a very special book from Hannah Dale, who just so happens to be exhibiting her in the coming weeks. The illustrations in here are to die for! This red squirrel is a personal favourite.

The Maps books in particular are always really popular and definitely ones to buy for all the jet-setters among us. Or, for the people who love a bit of the wild stuff there are these Ocean and Safari books. The pictures move! I mean, you can’t get any more high tech than that! I think these are the kind of books that you’ll keep forever.

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