Moll Amour warbles about love at The Steel Rooms Cafe 3pm, Saturday 4 January 2014.

Performing jazz standards and vintage love songs, Moll is an accomplished vocalist who sings with various jazz musicians around Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

Moll Amour will be singing and playing her ukulele during a solo performance.

If you know the words to these popular songs from a bygone era, you are more than welcome to sing along. Come and enjoy: when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you!

Here’s a taster of Molly’s talents

2 replies
  1. Keith Duke
    Keith Duke says:

    Great gig Molly and great place to play….. and the coffee n walnut cake….. mmmm……. more please and maybe for a bit longer? Or am I being greedy? Keith x

    • Emma
      Emma says:

      We approve of greed for music and Debi’s cakes! We hope to have more music in the cafe throughout the year and yes possibly playing for longer stints. Look forward to seeing you soon.

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