I feel like I’ve neglected the cafe the past few weeks so here I am today to share something pretty special with you. Oh yes of course I’m going to be talking about our milkshakes. Cheers all round!

Seen as though the Summer holidays are well and truly in full swing I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you all of our fabulous milkshakes which we always have on offer. Plus, there’s also our milkshake of the week to consider. Who doesn’t want a new milkshake flavour sensation every week? One to check out for sure.

Milkshakes are a brilliant crowd pleaser and personally, I think the higher the whizzy cream, the better. I go all out and try to beat my height record each time.

So, onto our milkshake of the week. I think when it comes to choosing our milkshake flavour our idea inspirator (I’m making this a word) has to be Judy. She just knows what everyone wants to be eating on a hot day when we’re definitely not fancying cake but our sweet tooth still needs to be satisfied.

Make sure you pop into the cafe every week to see what we have in store for our milkshake of the week. Can you even resist our box of chocolatey treats just waiting to be mixed with delicious ice-cream. Whatever flavour I can assure you they’ll always be tasty! Check out our little slate by the side so you can spot all your favourite flavours.