Creative Customers

One of our young, talented customers, Sam Davies, sent us a short film he had made with his new Cubebot from The Steel Rooms! 

His creativity with film making at such a young age is inspiring and we were flattered that he chose one of our gift shop products for his content. A Cubebot is a wooden puzzle that when folded the correct way creates a robot, they are actually a great amount of fun for anyone of any age. The amount you can do with them is endless as we have been shown by Sam!

Grab a hand full of popcorn and enjoy the movie!

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  1. Mrs Knott's class
    Mrs Knott's class says:

    We are Sam’s class at Brigg Primary School and we are really proud of his stop motion animation! As part of our theme work (Lights! Camera! Action!) we will soon be learning all about this technique using our IPods.
    His animation has given us some great ideas.

    Brigg Primary School

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