Photography Workshops at The Steel Rooms

Our Digital Photography workshops are always a popular feature on our workshop calendar, helping you get to grips with your digital camera, learning the basics on taking a photograph with tips on how to get good images. Photography Artist and seasoned tutor Tina Waller, offers these one-off workshops in 3 parts, providing  you with an introduction to photography and tools to continue exploring the world through this accessible art form.

Starting with Digital Photography Workshop: Part 1 this session is set to get you comfortable with camera functions and composition.

The Steel Rooms Workshops

Digital Photography: Part 1 Workshop

Digital Photography: Part 2 will take you through table top photography in changing light conditions using available and artificial light, as well as practicing capturing successful landscapes weather permitting and using the rules of composition successfully.

The Steel Rooms Workshops

Digital Photography: Part 2 Workshop

In the concluding part of the photography course, Digital Photography: Part 3 will enable you to experiment with tripods and portraiture. Putting all your prior knowledge to use by investigating different forms of taking portraits in available and artificial light.

The Steel Rooms Workshops

Digital Photography: Part 3 Workshop

All three workshops have two available dates, one the first half of the year and another from September onwards, making sure there’s room for these in your calendar.

And the learning doesn’t have to stop there … we have two monthly Photography groups to keep you moving with your photography, sharing what you’ve learnt along the way, the images you’re making and meeting other photography minded people. ‘Photo Hub for Starters‘ is aimed at those starting out with Photography, whether you’ve attended the Digital Photography workshops and would like a monthly group to continue learning and practicing with or are starting from scratch, photographer and experienced tutor Simon Gaddes leads this group with his warm, flexible and knowledgeable approach, here’s a little introduction to him:

And for those of you who’ve been snapping away for a while and feel ready to take it to the next level, ‘Photo Hub Shutterbugs‘ is aimed at those who already know their camera functions and the principles of composition and exposure; wanting to put that knowledge into practice under various conditions and for different subjects. Tutor Paul King will lead this monthly group and promises to get your photography muscles (skills) seriously working. You can hear more from Paul here:

You can pay as you go with these sessions, selecting the months you can make or if you can make three sessions on the trot, book on and pay in advance and you get a discounted price.

We do ask that you pay and book in advance to avoid disappointment, you can do so over the telephone or in our shop.

Happy snapping.