It’s the last weekend of freedom for lots of children before they’re back to school. I’m sure many parents out there will be doing jumps for joy and we’ll hear the many groans from the teachers. Today I thought I would show you how you can head back to school with The Steel Rooms and some of our exciting bits.

I’ll be honest, when I was in school the best thing about starting a new year was a new pencil case and stationary set. I kid you not it was the highlight of the year. We have lots of quirky sets here including this pretty snazzy world map drawing set. Everything you could possibly need! Or, if like me you’re constantly losing pencils this little set is a handy because you get so many and they’re the perfect small size.

I should also mention all our notebooks. We cater for all ages here and the designs are all really unique so I think you’re bound to find something. For the more studious among us I’d recommend the leather style ones. Beautifully made and I think make for the most beautiful journals. Or, if you’re just into making notes and doodling in lectures (naughty) these little ones are ideal. Also, we do all need to take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is the blue flower notebook.

Books, books, books. They seemed to be endless whilst in school but here at The Steel Rooms we’ve brought a fun side to education with these ‘Maps’ books. Brilliant illustrations and something to consider for presents if you have an aspiring geographer to buy for. Or similarly if you’re just looking to switch off after school we’ve got some really fun reads.

School dinners. It brings back happy, sad and just plain strange memories for us all. We can all remember our favourite school dinner and puddings… No, we obviously won’t be selling school dinners, but we do sell some brilliant purses to hold all that loose change needed to buy that all important last dollop of rice pudding. Just the right size to hold all that money without being too big and bulky. Plus they have the cutest of designs.

These satchels are new in and they have landed at a pretty perfect time. These are all 100% leather and the great thing is how soft they are. Making them ideal for anyone because they’re not so heavy and awkward to carry around. They’re also sturdy enough to hold all your books, bits and pieces without causing so much strain on your shoulders. See, always thinking.

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So, the kids have been to school and come back looking like they’d rather stick pins in their eyes than do their homework. I think so much pressure are put on children these days so the perfect solution are some brilliant games we stock at the Steel Rooms. Some real down time after a long day of staring at black boards.