I feel like the British Summer has had its moment. Sure, we all really enjoyed that week of bliss and sunshine but now it’s time to look towards the Autumn. I’m not being a negative Nancy here, as I write this it’s just appalling weather outside. Hence the reason for this post.

Autumn without a doubt is my favourite season; the layering, the thick socks, the spontaneous nights by the fire, warming foods, hot chocolates, candles and blankets! My, oh my, who doesn’t enjoy snuggling up in a blanket?

I think generally it’s around this time of the year that companies are focused more on the Autumn and Winter season. For us, Summer was a one week wonder and now we’re looking towards Christmas. I’m not enthused about this either but hey, it’s how things work around here. So, today I thought I would show you some of the bits and pieces we have around the shop and the tasty treats you can enjoy in the cafe when the weather is less than desirable and you’re feeling a little blue.

I think anything with a stag automatically means Winter is coming so it’s fully acceptable to brace yourselves early. These footstools are brilliant and I think the ideal size for your homes.

We still always have our blankets in stock and all are just the right size to cozy yourself up and add a splash of colour to your rooms. With that splash of colour you also need a great smell and these obviously come from our candles which I spoke about here. Definitely ones to check out.

Mugs! Mugs mean hot drinks and hot drinks (the good ones) usually contain marshmallows and cream. These mugs are just divine and surprisingly hold a lot of liquid for their size. Another thing to note for fellow “droppers” out there; these can take a lot of bumps and bangs without cracking. Hoorah!

Cakes wise, (because I know that’s what you’re really here for) we have loads of guilt free goodies… Well, perhaps not entirely guilt free but hey, seen as though we’re heading towards the colder months we need to start bulking up. It’s all about keeping warm.