Art’s great isn’t it ?

When it works it has the ability to confront, entertain, challenge, record, invent and repurpose ideas , media , process and materials to produce multi disciplinary work which can inform and enrich life. The tremendous range and divergence in artistic output can be equally stimulating and challenging to the viewer. We are at times all guilty of  looking at art through the subjective lens of personal taste or preference . We like what we like or feel comfortable around – we sometimes like what we think or are told we should like.This however is not, or should not be, a fixed opinion. To fully understand and connect with art – it has to be experienced. At The Steel Rooms we strive to bring a programme of great art into the heart of our community. Exhibiting both local and national artists & encouraging a creative and inventive use of the versatile second floor gallery space at The Steel Rooms HQ in Brigg, North Lincolnshire . Shows of contemporary and more traditional work , of established and emerging talent and of a diversity which best reflects the interests of our visitors and the aspirations of the artists we represent . The spring shows illustrate this particularly well . We are currently hosting a group show of nine 2nd year Fine Art degree students from Grimsby School of Art called 53 Degrees: Undercurrent . Featuring painting, drawing , sculpture , print , video and performance it is a great indicator as to the health of new and emerging contemporary art from across the region.( runs until March 14th)

53 degrees

This show shall be followed in April by an invitation  to enter the  fantastical world of Dom Heffer. His work is in turn humorous, macabre, playful and surreal – planted somewhere between Bosch, Robert Crumb and Rube Goldberg this exhibition will offer plenty of visual surprises and is one definitely  not to miss….

‘Through Painting, Dom Heffer’s work points towards the importance of self-critique and reflective elements in all fields of endeavor. His work is arresting, thought provoking, humorous and kinetic, and combines a feeling of urgency with a sense of great deliberation.’    Martin H Levinson PhD, Author and President of The Institute of General Semantics, New York

IMG_1272Here he is on a recent studio visit with some of the work in progress which he will be showing . Dom is a key member of the Kingston Art Group (KAG) who have a  great gallery and two fab studios across the water in Hull . If you would like to see more of his work in advance of the show go to his website .

And Finally ….We are extremely pleased to be showing new works by Frances Ives in the ground floor exhibition space – You may remember her work from The Steel Rooms open exhibition -her paintings of a pheasant, a hare and a tractor ploughing  a field  were very popular and quickly  sold . Frances is a local artist who now lives and works in London.