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Don’t you find there’s always something about seeing a cute animal that brings a smile to your face? That was my reaction when I saw these more than adorable cards. These cards are perfect for any occasion and I’d even say would even look lovely framed on your wall.


My favourite would have to be this little chickie having a slightly bad hair day. There’s just something so lovely about these and I think Julie really showed off the fun and whimsical side to these animals.

These are beautiful prints and I think completely different than your usual cards. These are more personal and let’s be honest, nicer than the usual card with a cake on it. They come in a range of colours too so there’s something to suit all tastes, genders, occasions, ages. Limitless options.


Don’t forget about all our other cards too. We’re constantly getting new stock in so there will always be something exciting for you to select from.

There is an exciting new project coming up involving all these animals so keep your eyes peeled for that. Better get Julie glued to her canvas so she can paint us up some more!

Olivia x