Hello to Wednesday, it’s mid week and as promised here is look at our non-alcoholic, zero caffeinated drinks. These are super delicious and really works wonders if you’re looking for something to really refresh yourself. I think on how Summer’s days there’s nothing nicer than something a little different to the usual fizzy drink, squash or juice. These drinks have everything you could want and don’t scrimp on flavour.


I mean, just look at those! First up is the raspberry sunrise smoothie. This is a touch different to our usual smoothies and is one to 100% try. The base is packed with fresh raspberries and the top mangoes. The flavour combination when these two are mixed is too good to not try. It’s bright and really makes you know Summer is finally here… Even if the weather needs reminding!

Lastly is my pick of the entire bunch; the apple, elderflower and mint sparkle. Who doesn’t love elderflower? This paired with the refreshing mint you’re onto a winner. Definitely the most refreshing out the bunch and the perfect amount of sweetness.

IMG_1724 IMG_1728

Give these little non-alcoholic beauties a go and select your favourites.

Olivia x